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Any nation that neglects the young generation is bound to fail. The young ones are full of energy, dreams and vitality. The best thing to do is to help them discover their unlimited potentials and guide them to maximize them and this is one of the reasons #WhenSinglesGather was birthed.

#WhenSinglesGather is a summit for singles. It’s a great platform to come learn timeless principles that will help you succeed, unlearn those stuff that have been limiting your journey to a greater you and relearn ageless values for a better life.

This summit is one of the biggest singles event in Nigeria.

The date for this summit is Saturday 19th May, 2015.
Time: 10am – 3pm
Venue: LCCI, Behind Marwa/MKO Gardens, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.

At this event, you will be learning from the sagacities of seasoned resource persons like:

Sunmbo Ajaba
Wife, Mom, Entrepreneur, Events Specialist, Goldman Sachs Scholar, CEO EsobEvents, Founder EsobHeroes, Convener: Inspiring
Change, Music Minister.

Sam Obafemi
Computer expert, emotional therapist, business strategist, life coach and author of ‘My Valleys.’

Lara Kudayisi Emeralds
Relationship counselor, blogger and author of ‘Dear Lara What Do I Do’ a relationship book that answers questions bothering many minds on relationship.

Mathew Adedoyin
This guy is a great leader, sexual abstinence advocate and public speaker.

Grace Festus Alao
A woman of substance, transformational leader, entrepreneur and the convener of #WhenSinglesGather.

These resource persons are highly sought after speakers and sit on the boards of many organizations

At this summit you will learn stuff about building and sustaining healthy relationship, truths about sex, sexiology and sex education and entrepreneural and business ideas that will help you make it in life and become wealthy and wise.

This event promises to be educating, inspiring and entertaining.

#WhenSinglesGather is powered by Embodiment of Grace.

Don’t miss this!

My Valleys: Lessons I Learnt Transiting From Paid Employment by Sam Obafemi

This is not a book about a man but, a testament for life.


My Valleys, is an exposé of the life of a man that will give you a winning edge in life because the author selflessly exposes you to the secrets that helped him sail safely through life turbulent waters.

If you want to live your passion and fulfill your purpose, this book is for you.
Note: This is one book that your bad boss won’t like you to read because after reading it, you will become a better person if you apply the wisdom in it but, true leaders will encourage their people to read this book because it will help improve their work ethics, customer service and employer-employee relationship.

My Valleys is very challenging, inspiring, enlightening, encouraging, motivating, educating and enthralling. Coach Sam is one guy I love tapping from his sagacity. As I read, I was strengthened to keep pursuing my dreams.


My Valleys authored by Sam Obafemi, a life coach, mentor, activational speaker and visionary leader who has set his best foot forward to make lives better is an ageless masterpiece. This book is loaded with lessons that will positively impact your life.

This book is a life multivitamin. It is one of the best pieces of literature ever laid to ink. I cherish it and use it to make my world better; you too can!

Many successful or rich people don’t want you to know what they know. Sam Obafemi, a great soul desires that you be successful in life therefore, he has exposed his life for us to learn and leverage on his experiences. I advice you to go get your copy of this book because it is one of the best investments you will make this season.

This book review is written by Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha, a transformational leader, human capacity developer, writer, ghostwriter, life coach, inspirational speaker and book reviewer. He helps individuals and organizations make better life, living and legacy. He is the author of ‘Overcoming the Challenges of Life’, ‘Leadership Torch’ and ‘Wisdom of Winners’ available at  Amazon and other bookstores.