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UNCHURCHED by Emeka Nobis


UNCHURCHED: Religion stings the nostrils of God

Unchurched by Emeka Nobis is a book causing a renaissance in Christendom. This beautiful treatise shatters the limiting box of
religion, kicks the butt of those who twist the word of God and use it to rob ignorant Christians. This book is trail blazing an uncommon and positive church shift, causing
Christians to see God in His true beauty.

This book will open your eyes to truth and better your walk with God. It challenges Christians to live out their Godness and influence their fields of endeavor with their Christness.

Final bye bye to those clergies who are now ‘God of men’ instead of men of God; this book is inimical to your business and the book is unstoppable. To you Christian that refuses to reason right and worship men instead of God, this book will switch on the Jesus in you.

The author really showed his thought leadership sagacity by beautifully using words to paint pictures of some stuff that happen in some churches. This book is great!

The church must be judged based on her relevance in this contemporary time, the church is ought to be concerned with the holistic dimension and development of mankind. Every
human issue should concern the church and must be handled in Christlike way.

Now is time for transformation and the church has a great role to play in equipping her members with the true word of God in order for them to venture into politics, entertainment, governance, evangelism, business and other

Goodnews: This book is free for download at http://bit.ly/1THLhTq

I commend Mr. Emeka Nobis for writing this book. Get unchurched for religion truly stings and stinks the nostrils of God.

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The Phenomenal Woman Poetry Anthology

The Phenomenal Woman Poetry Anthology

Exactly one year after the death of world renowned poet Dr. Maya Angelou, Hinovelty – a Nigerian based life-betterment organization has launched an anthology of over 50 poems dedicated to Dr. Maya Angelou titled ‘The Phenomenal Woman Poetry Anthology: A Collection of Poems in Honor of Dr. Maya Angelou.’
The book features works from poets from different countries including the USA, Nigeria, India, South Africa, Botswana, Jamaica, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Hungary, Philipine, Cameroun, Ghana, et cetera. This book was officially unveiled on 28th May 2015.

The idea for the book was inspired by Dr. Angelou in her role as an author, civil rights activist, teacher, life mentor and by and large her written contributions that changed the lives of many people.

“The anthology is a dedication honoring the poetic icon, Dr. Angelou who left a legacy for us to thrive and better ourselves and the communities in which we live”, said Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha, a leader at Hinovelty.

In June 2014, Hinovelty put out a call to action on their blog, Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as on other blogs and news sites, requesting writers to submit their poems for the anthology.
They received an overwhelming contribution of poems submitted by poets from all over the world.

“The book was written to cause a social change that upholds values and uproots vices through the celebration of good role models, such as Dr. Angelou and to inspire the reader to live a purpose-driven life. And secondly to remind Dr. Angelou’s family that her memory and good works will be evergreen in our own lives”, added Mr Onuoha.

The contributing poets include published authors and prolific poets who are seasoned as well as uprising ones.

“As a young published author I have always been inspired by Maya Angelou and it’s a humbling experience for me to be a part of this history making experience, where I get the opportunity to honor the great woman that she was”, said Lerato Matsaneng a contributing poet and co-editor of the anthology.

Ogwo David Emenike, a young sage and poet is a co-editor of this work.The foreword of this book was written by Eriata Oribhabor, a renown poet and poetry promoter.
All the proceeds from the book will be used for youth and women empowerment programs.

The book is available on paperback on Amazon or as ebook on Kindle.

For interview requests, please contact:
Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha and Lerato Matsaneng on hinovelty1@gmail.com
Hinovelty is a cutting-edge life-betterment organization focused on helping individuals and communities maximize their potentials.

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THE NOBEL PEACE PHONE CALL (GOLDEN CALL) by Ifediora Ugochukwu Emmanuel

The seed was planted by an evil prophesy
We heard it whispered many years ago
It ate up our faith like cancer and unleashed fear in us
Like a weed it grew stronger each day, watered by our enemies’ saliva
Slowly but steadily a thick cloud of darkness formed over us
Like an outbreak of Ebola this evil seed contaminated our minds
As a child believes the father, we believed every word
So we began to live it out
Everything about our lives began to fall in line
Every day that passes brought us to our doom day
The prophet of doom had spoken, Balaam has indeed spoken
Who will save us from Balak, we cried
For it was bound to happen, everything around us testified.
All conditions perfect, an evil harvest so certain.
Our beloved bride will be torn apart in pieces
What sin has she committed to deserve this judgment?
Must your life end as the soothsayer proclaimed?
Queen of Africa fully breasted and endowed
Our hearts can’t bear to watch them rip you apart from your perfect curves
So we prepared to die with you for our loyalty is with you.
But suddenly, I hear a voice saying, who shall go for us, who shall we send?
Surely in a vision I saw a lamb with the strength of a lion and the wisdom of an eagle
Rising from among the people on invisible hands with an unimaginable speed, I was sure to expect the unexpected from the least expected.
He was chosen to cut the tree that grew from the evil seed, now about to bear fruits.
To rescue our queen from this evil prophesy of death
Though he was a lamb, he lived among wolves.
And so smelled like them
Yet in his hands lie the destiny of a nation on the cliff of disintegration
But at the appointed time he found courage to separate himself from the wolves and assumed his true identity in order to cut the evil tree.
And sure enough he did not by the weapons of war but the weapon of a brave heart.
For in a minute phone call, he fulfilled his destiny and kept our beloved nation, Giant of Africa as one indivisible entity.
With divine wisdom encapsulated in his humble soul, he defied the audacity of the prophets of doom
So the forces of evil faded away, while peace and Goodluck reigned in our dear country, NIGERIA.

(c) Ifediora Ugochukwu Emmanuel

Ifediora Ugochukwu Emmanuel - a voice of change

Ifediora Ugochukwu Emmanuel – a voice of change

This poem was written without prejudice to any person or group but to encourage non-violent elections and peaceful transition of governments in Africa.

Ifediora Ugochukwu Emmanuel is a visionary leader, Electrical Electronics Engineer, public speaker and positive change agent.

Your Best Just Got Better by Jason Womack

A good book is a friend for life and I must confess that this book YOUR BEST JUST GOT BETTER by Jason Womack is life-enriching and inspiring.
Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha holding his copy of YOUR BEST JUST GOT BETTER by Jason Womack

Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha holding his copy of YOUR BEST JUST GOT BETTER by Jason Womack

This book is a powerful tool for life transformation. Truly, Jason Womack poured out his golden sagacity in this book.
Jason Womack is an educator, executive coach, highly sought after speaker and topnotch global peak performance expert. His coaching, training and consultancy helps leaders and organizations enjoy beautiful life and achieve greater success. Jason Womack is married to Jodi Womack and he is the CEO of Womack company which is into executive training and coaching. He lives in Ojai, California from where he travels to different parts of the world impacting lives positively. He is the person best suited to write this book and I thank God he authored it.
Jason Womack’s book helped me relearn to say No to some things, unlearn overworking myself and learned to give myself the gift of my attention.
If you desire to work smarter, think bigger and make more, then this book is for you. Be you a bud or boss, a teacher or student, employee or employer, there’s something beautiful for you in this book. Order your copy now via http://amzn.to/1JcqUvl and enjoy this rich masterpiece.
I endorse and recommend this book for you. Your life will experience a shift toward betterment as you journey through this book. It will fill you with the momentum to make your dream a reality. It’s one of the best gift you can give yourself and the people you love.
Book Reviewer:
Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha is an illustrious Nigerian, a lover of books, life-betterment coach and positive change facilitator. He is the Chief Servant at Hinovelty a life-betterment organization helping people maximize their potentials.

Interview with Preye Tambou

Hinovelty: Please can we know you?
Preye: I am Preye V. Tambou a high flyer business, readership, and personal development consultant and a young entrepreneur. I am the CEO and Owner of Edgewise Nig. Enterprises, and Founder and National President of Edgewise Readership Networks (ERN)
I am an activational speaker and trainer in the Motivational Speakers Network and the John Maxwell Team, students mentor, youth coach, inspirational gifted writer and editor, a book advocate, and an author of published and unpublished books including, Heroes in Many Trials (written in 2009), The World is a School, Readership Edges, The 17 Dynamic Readers, The Joy of Reading, Stretch To Success, Execute Your Dreams, From Backstage To Platforms, Fame Must Not Kill Your Talents, Entrepreneurship: 12 Ways To Achieve Business Success, and 101 Business Ideas For Young Entrepreneurs and others.
I have held positions like Youth President, Campus Ambassador, Chief Editor, Director of Education, and Coordinator of Human Resource Departments in different company, groups, churches, and organizations.
I have been featured as guest in many television interviews, radio discussions, newspapers, seminars and talk show programmes. My mission is to inspire, motivate and educate people through books, seminars, workshops, counseling, consulting and coaching.
I love innovation, invention, risk taking, networking, writing, swimming, adventure, gospel music, volunteering, selfless service and adding value.

Hinovelty: How old are you?
Preye: I was born on 26th of February 1987 in Lagos Island Nigeria.

Hinovelty: What are you into?
Preye: I am into a wide range of services in business and educational consultancy, counseling and career advisory, training and manpower development, mentoring and reading empowerment, publishing, printing and packaging, branding and networking.
In every school term, I organize mentoring and reading empowerment programmes to Junior and Senior Secondary Schools whereby I invite successful men and women, lawyers, doctors, bankers, architects, engineers, first class graduates and first class students, CEOs of different business organizations, published authors to mention a few, to motivate the students for self improvement, reading, self activation, achieving personal and academic excellence. Thereafter, I donate readable books to schools library and give books to the students free of charge.

The type of books I give to them are, religious books, inspiration books, motivational books, educational books, marketing books, political books, biography books, Autobiography books, scientific books, history books, text books, musical books, comics books, children books and adult books.

Hinovelty: When did you start?
Preye: I started small, from the very ground to where I am now. I founded my organization on September 2, 2011 and since then I have been administering it with my paid staff.

Hinovelty: What’s your driving force?
Preye: Firstly, the Holy Spirit of God has always been acknowledged as my greatest inspiration and insight Provider. And He will always be. Secondly, let me say this; selfless service and adding value to lives around and beyond me is my motivation. Profit making, materials and gifts has never and will never be my motivation. I just want to help the youths to be useful in the society. Day after day, I think on how I can help young people to become job and wealth creators instead of only job seekers. I think I have found my own way to be contributing to the stability, development and growth of Nigeria and Africa at large.

Hinovelty: What led you into this vision?
Preye: I explore to discover this vision that drive me through reading, listening and understanding, observing my environment and attending seminars, conferences and workshops. Right from my childhood my vision has always being helping people to discover and live their dreams, assisting the young people to become committed to lifelong self improvement, helping them develop successful life skills and strategies to be all they can be.

Hinovelty: How has it been since you started?
Preye: It’s been good! Though there are challenges that I considered as stepping stones to where I dream to be. Firstly, my greatest challenge has always come from people’s misunderstanding of who I am. Some people are just born to look for faults in others. I have been set up, gang up and lied against, downgraded, scorned, enviously criticized, and misunderstood by men on several occasions. Secondly, the facing of tribalism, nepotism, and favoritism that goes against my successful organizing of programmes in some community. Thirdly, lack of funds and sponsorship. The cost of organizing programmes in these schools and communities are not easy to come by. Some of the schools visited so far don’t have a big hall that can accommodate large number of students at a time; public address system in schools visited cannot cover the large crowd and some schools don’t even have public address system (PAS), though it’s my plan to setup my own media department in Edgewise. I need funds to carry out my plans. Another challenge is in feeding the young people that are attending our programmes. I want to at least provide biscuits or snacks and water or drinks or solid food to them which will encourage them to stay focus and listen attentively to our invited guest speakers.
So far so good, I have written over 250 partnership and sponsorship letters to several people and organizations but only few replied. And majority of them responded that they can’t help. We don’t have major support financial wise. The only people who have volunteer and assisted us with their books are some few authors and organizations from Nigeria, Ghana and USA.

Hinovelty: Are there people you are grateful to for the success of your vision thus far?
Preye: Yes of cause. They are very many them. I will like to thank Mr. Richard Mammah (Editor-in-Chief/MD of Sunbird African Media), Mr. Emmanuel Okoro (Founder/President of Booktent Resources), and my team members who are also working hard to see the dream come through are my vice president Opeyemi Adenuga, Director of Mobilization and Strategy Philip Okia, National Publicity Relation Officer Jerry Apiakise Evah, Acting Secretary Oscar Japhat, Facebook Page Manager Akinyemi Shokey, Graphic Manager Muyiwa Shodipe Abiodun, Director of Research and Documentation Reginald Dokubo, Website Manager Bamidele Aijejina, Charles Mensah (Director of Edgewise Ghana Chapter), Knishna yedshikar (Director of Edgewise India Chapter) and Donatella Zito (Director of Edgewise Italy Chapter). Thanks to all of them for their support, courage and encouragement. Special thanks to all my fans too. More so, let me use the opportunity to specially thank my sweet mother Mrs. Esan-ere Tambou for her ceaseless prayers, unexplainable support and encouragement.

Hinovelty: What’s your philosophy in life?
Preye: It is God who gives power for men to succeed not experience or human or self. We can’t judge him for anything. More so, we can’t keep judging people by ‘only’ with our own experience of them and by what others are saying about them, we are human not God and life is too full of ups and downs to be doing that.

Hinovelty: Who are your role models?
Preye:I have many mentors and models but this I respect most are world renowned leadership expert John Calvin Maxwell, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye (General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God) and Mr. Kolawole Owolabi (Founder and CEO of Pragmatic Educational Press).

Hinovelty: What’s the one thing you want people to know you for?
Preye: I want to be known as a difference maker, history breaker and positive influencer.

Hinovelty: If you are asked to solve one problem in Nigeria, what will that be?
Preye: It will be Youth Unemployment.

Hinovelty: In your next world, which country will you like to be a citizen of and why?
Preye: Is Nigeria of cause? I love my country. This is where I belong. Nigeria will be my country whether in this world or the next. God made me a citizen of this country to solve some challenging problem like youth unemployment, bad reading culture, inequality and ageism.

Hinovelty: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Preye: I see myself as becoming more skilled, more efficient person, a peak performer, problem solver and make my organization The Edgewise Company as one of the top organization in Africa. I see myself building schools, business organizations, professional and educational training centers, real estates, and employing people.

Hinovelty: What’s your advice to other youths?
Preye: My advice to other young people is that today, I encourage you to reach high for the stars, throw of the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor, catch the trade winds of your sails, explore, discover, start small but dream big, go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you’ve imagined. See you at the top. God bless Nigeria. God bless Africa.

Preye Tambou is making a positive difference and we encourage all and sundry to support him. We at Hinovelty, will keep supporting him and others making positive contributions in different communities.

Chat with N.K. David

N.K. David is a great doyen and one of the Nigerian-born writers who are influencing the globe positively. We have read his books and articles which are life-impacting. When team Hinovelty Met with him, we discovered that he is very lively, understanding and an inspiring personality who is honest and humble. He is a great leader who believes that if we all can play our parts well, the world will be a better place for all to live in.

Below is our chat with this great maven, enjoy it.


1. Hinovelty: Please sir, introduce yourself to us?

N. K. David: I am an international Author and I am in my last stage of training in the Veterinary profession. I was born in the Eastern part of Nigeria, which is regarded as the Christian part of the country. I have, personally, passed through a lot of struggles especially, in my academic life because of a corrupt educational system. I had to stand and fight against the corrupt educational system. I am glad that some people in the sector answered my call and worked to change the system but unfortunately, the change is always in progress. It was during the struggle and in my quest for answers from higher planes of existence that my first book, “It is time we truly know why Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus,” was born and published to predict the end of the struggle and to send some messages to humanity. I hope to publish the true-life story of the struggle in a book, “Proffered solution to the problem with Nigeria: Where Chinua Achebe stopped.” I have currently published five books.

I grew up in a Christian family and I witnessed many hate speeches among various Christian sects. Consequently, I saw the need for freedom and religious tolerance, equity and justice for all. It is a shame that man is divided by religion just as man was once divided by the color of his skin. That is one thing I trust we can change our sense of reasoning and understanding of religion and how it affects our relationship with our fellow man. My principle is base on the Golden rule.

I was interviewed by Indies in Motion a global radio station that features rising stars. I made Golden Nugget on muttonline. and I have an accolades like the most engaging writer on hubpages where I blog. My debut book, “It is Time we truly know why Jesus wept” made it in UBAWA (Urban Book Authors and Writers of America) best first 50 books of 2013.


2. Hinovelty: What are your selling points?

 N.K. David: the inspiration to new ideas yet unknown to many.


3. Hinovelty: What inspires you?

N.K. David: What inspired me to write my first book is different from what inspired me to write my third book and so on. However, in general my inspiration is my desire to send messages across to humanity and my quest to help create a more peaceful world united in the brotherhood of man.


4. Hinovelty: You are a medico and a writer, how do you combine this two tasking things?

N.K. David: well it is not so easy being in a medical training profession or practicing and being a writer. There are times one has to go on ambulatory services or be on call duty or hospital duty or public health duty and, you know, we keep studying and learning each day so that we can improve ourselves in our various professions. The profession involves hard work and I am glad that I am not found wanting.

In as much as we may not write all day but we need to think and make use of our imagination. It means many things happen in the same brain and that is the fun of it. There is also the need to always keep abreast with my fans on social media.


5. Hinovelty: Please tell us names of your published book and which bookstore(s)
can they be purchased?

N.K. David: Currently, I have published five books and the books –

It is time we truly know why Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus

My Game: The Switch

Formula for reincarnation (Rebirth equation)

Most perfect exchange: The cost of liberty”

Noble Killers: Left Eye” are available on Amazon and other global bookstores.


6. Hinovelty: Among all your published books, which is your favorite read?

N.K.David: (chuckles.) This is a difficult question because it is like asking a mother her favorite child when she knows that she has wonderful children. Even though they may differ in various ways, yet each of them carries her gene of greatness. That little gene is what separates them from other bloodlines. However, if I must choose then I shall give it to my first book, “It is time we truly know why Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus.” This is because it is a book that was born out of struggle and it has inspired many lives. The book continues to inspire me each time I read it.

7. Hinovelty: You have written many books but, recently you released ‘Noble
Killers: Left Eye‘. What do you want to achieve through this book?

N.K. David: I am fortunate that Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha, a leader at Hinovelty wrote the foreword of this great book so it is a plus to the book. Moreover, the book was, recently, among muttonline book of the month for May/June 2014. The book exposed the main problems in Nigeria and some other countries. Then the book also pointed to the way out of the situation. Consequently, the book is a wake up call with the primary objective of opening the eyes of Nigerians and Africans. That is if we want to stop being sick. We no longer have to pretend that we are not the cause of our problems. I know there are good and honest people in Nigeria but they need to be brave enough to act. It is not going to be easy changing the tradition over night but we must start somewhere.

8. Hinovelty: Is Nigeria a failed state?

N.K. David: If I say ‘Yes or No’, some people will not understand why. The reason is that most Nigerians do not understand what patriotism means so to such people it is wrong to speak ill of one’s country. Unfortunately, many of them are same people who turn the country into a mess so they do not want the ugly picture to get outside the country. Then for those who ignorantly support them, I want them to know that those who have the courage to, openly, condemn corruption do so not to destroy the country’s image but so that we know that, we have a problem and then look for a way out of the problem. That is the best form of patriotism. We can only look for a cure if we admit that we are sick. Nigeria failed in many ways. For instance, it is because of security failure that we have the Boko Haram situation in the country. This is because the wealthy Nigerians and politicians have their own security so the Government failed to protect the streets and the citizens. Now the streets have become so dirty that the security agencies do not know what is happening in various houses. They do not have the data or the intelligences.

The worst part of it is that Nigerians claim to be most religious country even more religious than the white men that introduced the religion yet one of the most corrupt countries in the world. When did it become wise for corruption and religion to increase in the same proportion? I once wrote an article in which I wonder if the corrupt Nigerian leaders do not belong to any religion.

9. Hinovelty: You are an advocate of religious tolerance, how do you think
Nigeria can overgrow and overcome religious bias and ethnicity which
is the root cause of its problem?

N.K. David: the main thing I do is to do my best to treat people, as I would want them to treat me. That is the golden rule that is in all world major religions yet it is the only law that is ignored. In Christianity Jesus, himself, not Paul or others said, “Do unto others as you would want done to you. That is the law and the prophets.” Moses in Judaism said it in his own way but what I like most in his statement is that he said, “ the summary of everything is treat others as you want to be treated. Every other thing is commentary.”

In my work on religious tolerance, I stated the way forward. The primary way out is for the religious leaders and preachers to change their pattern of teaching. This is because it is their teachings that make their members to see others as enemies. Even among Christians, there is a big problem. It is obvious that each religious sect wants to grow in number and that is where the problem starts because they continue to preach why they are better than others instead of preaching the common virtues like love, peace, unity, justice among others.

It is because of religious intolerance/bias and ethnicity that Nigerians are concern about the next president. This is because the country is only united in the maps and on paper. This is where the biblical injunction of “a nation divided against itself shall not stand.” It means the religious leaders have a lot of work to do in their various religious settings if they want to help the country.

10. Hinovelty: Recently, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in a media chat said corruption and stealing are not the same thing. Do you see Mr. President as the leadership messiah Nigeria desperately need?

N.K. David: I heard people saying that Mr. President made such comment and I wonder if it is a joke. Well, it depends on the way he looked at it. May be, he decided to use stealing when a leader steals public fund then he uses corruption when a leader abuses his powers. The only bad news here is that what he is just trying to tell us is that the Nigerian leaders steal and are corrupt. Therefore, next time we mention corruption, we do not forget to add stealing. It is not easy to be the President of a country but, he I do not think he has done enough especially in cases of missing fund, excessive spending, etc. He may not be responsible for most of them happening but, how he handles the situation is vital.

11. Hinovelty: Is any profession or career greater than another?

N.K. David: I do not think any profession is better than the other profession. This is because it all depends on an individual in the profession and not on the profession. For instance, a painter that loves painting and does his work well with commitment can go places than a medical doctor who does not put much effort in his profession. Consequently, it is all about doing what you love and enjoy doing.


12. Hinovelty: Who are the people that influenced your life – mentors/role models?

N.K. David: Men like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Nelson Mandela among other men that lived and stood for something in the interest of all.

13. Hinovelty: In three words describe your family?

N.K. David: A wonderful family

14. Hinovelty: If you are to change one thing in Nigeria, what will that be?

N.K. David: The vision of Nigerians especially the leaders.

15. Hinovelty: Some people write to make money or become famous, why do you write
and which other writers do you like their works?

N.K. David: well, I write to send a message that will make us think and encourage us to continue working and fighting for a positive change so that someday when the struggle is over, the world will recall my inks on papers.

16. Hinovety: How do you spend your free time?

N.K. David: This is one thing I never really thought about because I do not set aside any time as free time. However, I can go for a sport, join my friends and fans on social media, read and write among others

17. Hinovelty: What’s your advice to youths?

N.K. David: it is obvious that many of us are in a very deep narcosis so I think it is time for us to wake up. The most unfortunate aspect is that the youths are not thinking differently from the leaders. That is most of us will not make any difference if given an opportunity to lead this great nation because we think corruption is a norm. That is if one is not corrupt then it means one is a fool or not sharp, in the parlance of the youths. We know that it is wrong for youths who expect change in their generation to fail to change the cause of their problems. It is because ignorance that many youths sell their birthright during elections for a pot of porridge by helping to rig elections. Basically, the change should start from the youths because we are the leaders of tomorrow. That is we have to be the change we want to see.

Hinovelty:Presently, N.K. David’s newest book: ‘NOBLE KILLERS – LEFT EYE’ is among the books in 6th Ubawa’s book cover contest. Please do vote for his book cover by following this link https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=657132707705766&set=a.657131251039245.1073741850.100002271297049&type=1&theater and click the like button of this book cover photo. Thank you as you do this for this penpro. His winning will encourage him to do greater things for humanity’s betterment.