African Music Museum and Hall of Fame


Music is life and life is music. – Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha,
Better-Life Coach

Music is as old as man here on earth. Music is a very powerful medium of communication and influence. Music and society are related.

Music creates and reflects conditions of the people and era. The therapeutic, psychological and economic power of music cannotbe overemphasized.
African is a great continent characterized by rich music heritage.


The African Music Museum & Hall of Fame is a great and timely project will help restore peace and unite Africa and the entire world.

These center will serve great purposes like a hub for the learning of African music culture and heritage, a place relaxation, a tourist attraction and it will also create employment.

This project is one of its kind. It’s laudable and need the support of all and sundry.


The pioneer of this beautiful project is Noni Camagwini Ntaka. She’s the daughter of a renown South African Jazz artist. She has given her best – time and resources for this project to be a success and we call on South African government, other African countries, the international communities and lovers of music to support this cause.

The African Music Museum & Hall of Fame is creating a new paradigm for the world to cherish Africa music, its history and the gifted people who made it happen.

This monument will be an institution where stuff about African Music and Musicians will be permanently housed and treasured.

This project will inspire and engage generations to appreciate and connect with works of past music maestros and challenge them to birth theirs. It will be a place for musical performance, study, exhibition, et cetera.
It will promote, preserve and perpetuate African music via celebrations of significant artists and arts

This project will enrich the rich African cultural heritage.

Notice: Hinovelty is a Life-betterment organization and this piece was written in honor of The African Music Museum & Hall of Fame.

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