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keep Hope Alive

Never you quit because you didn’t score
Even when the pain reaches the core
Don’t you listen to that voice in your head
Just think on the following words instead

I know a man who has no feet
And from life’s challenges he doesn’t retreat
He ploughs his field, and stacks his hay
As his rear greets the earth from day-to-day

There’s so much more that I could tell
But like the rain, a tear just fell
If only you’ll take a different view
And see the treasures that lies within you.

© Georgeline Grant

A rising inspirational poet.

Georgeline Grant – A rising inspirational poet

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THE NOBEL PEACE PHONE CALL (GOLDEN CALL) by Ifediora Ugochukwu Emmanuel

The seed was planted by an evil prophesy
We heard it whispered many years ago
It ate up our faith like cancer and unleashed fear in us
Like a weed it grew stronger each day, watered by our enemies’ saliva
Slowly but steadily a thick cloud of darkness formed over us
Like an outbreak of Ebola this evil seed contaminated our minds
As a child believes the father, we believed every word
So we began to live it out
Everything about our lives began to fall in line
Every day that passes brought us to our doom day
The prophet of doom had spoken, Balaam has indeed spoken
Who will save us from Balak, we cried
For it was bound to happen, everything around us testified.
All conditions perfect, an evil harvest so certain.
Our beloved bride will be torn apart in pieces
What sin has she committed to deserve this judgment?
Must your life end as the soothsayer proclaimed?
Queen of Africa fully breasted and endowed
Our hearts can’t bear to watch them rip you apart from your perfect curves
So we prepared to die with you for our loyalty is with you.
But suddenly, I hear a voice saying, who shall go for us, who shall we send?
Surely in a vision I saw a lamb with the strength of a lion and the wisdom of an eagle
Rising from among the people on invisible hands with an unimaginable speed, I was sure to expect the unexpected from the least expected.
He was chosen to cut the tree that grew from the evil seed, now about to bear fruits.
To rescue our queen from this evil prophesy of death
Though he was a lamb, he lived among wolves.
And so smelled like them
Yet in his hands lie the destiny of a nation on the cliff of disintegration
But at the appointed time he found courage to separate himself from the wolves and assumed his true identity in order to cut the evil tree.
And sure enough he did not by the weapons of war but the weapon of a brave heart.
For in a minute phone call, he fulfilled his destiny and kept our beloved nation, Giant of Africa as one indivisible entity.
With divine wisdom encapsulated in his humble soul, he defied the audacity of the prophets of doom
So the forces of evil faded away, while peace and Goodluck reigned in our dear country, NIGERIA.

(c) Ifediora Ugochukwu Emmanuel

Ifediora Ugochukwu Emmanuel - a voice of change

Ifediora Ugochukwu Emmanuel – a voice of change

This poem was written without prejudice to any person or group but to encourage non-violent elections and peaceful transition of governments in Africa.

Ifediora Ugochukwu Emmanuel is a visionary leader, Electrical Electronics Engineer, public speaker and positive change agent.

Your Best Just Got Better by Jason Womack

A good book is a friend for life and I must confess that this book YOUR BEST JUST GOT BETTER by Jason Womack is life-enriching and inspiring.
Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha holding his copy of YOUR BEST JUST GOT BETTER by Jason Womack

Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha holding his copy of YOUR BEST JUST GOT BETTER by Jason Womack

This book is a powerful tool for life transformation. Truly, Jason Womack poured out his golden sagacity in this book.
Jason Womack is an educator, executive coach, highly sought after speaker and topnotch global peak performance expert. His coaching, training and consultancy helps leaders and organizations enjoy beautiful life and achieve greater success. Jason Womack is married to Jodi Womack and he is the CEO of Womack company which is into executive training and coaching. He lives in Ojai, California from where he travels to different parts of the world impacting lives positively. He is the person best suited to write this book and I thank God he authored it.
Jason Womack’s book helped me relearn to say No to some things, unlearn overworking myself and learned to give myself the gift of my attention.
If you desire to work smarter, think bigger and make more, then this book is for you. Be you a bud or boss, a teacher or student, employee or employer, there’s something beautiful for you in this book. Order your copy now via and enjoy this rich masterpiece.
I endorse and recommend this book for you. Your life will experience a shift toward betterment as you journey through this book. It will fill you with the momentum to make your dream a reality. It’s one of the best gift you can give yourself and the people you love.
Book Reviewer:
Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha is an illustrious Nigerian, a lover of books, life-betterment coach and positive change facilitator. He is the Chief Servant at Hinovelty a life-betterment organization helping people maximize their potentials.



Any nation that neglects the young generation is bound to fail. The young ones are full of energy, dreams and vitality. The best thing to do is to help them discover their unlimited potentials and guide them to maximize them and this is one of the reasons #WhenSinglesGather was birthed.

#WhenSinglesGather is a summit for singles. It’s a great platform to come learn timeless principles that will help you succeed, unlearn those stuff that have been limiting your journey to a greater you and relearn ageless values for a better life.

This summit is one of the biggest singles event in Nigeria.

The date for this summit is Saturday 19th May, 2015.
Time: 10am – 3pm
Venue: LCCI, Behind Marwa/MKO Gardens, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.

At this event, you will be learning from the sagacities of seasoned resource persons like:

Sunmbo Ajaba
Wife, Mom, Entrepreneur, Events Specialist, Goldman Sachs Scholar, CEO EsobEvents, Founder EsobHeroes, Convener: Inspiring
Change, Music Minister.

Sam Obafemi
Computer expert, emotional therapist, business strategist, life coach and author of ‘My Valleys.’

Lara Kudayisi Emeralds
Relationship counselor, blogger and author of ‘Dear Lara What Do I Do’ a relationship book that answers questions bothering many minds on relationship.

Mathew Adedoyin
This guy is a great leader, sexual abstinence advocate and public speaker.

Grace Festus Alao
A woman of substance, transformational leader, entrepreneur and the convener of #WhenSinglesGather.

These resource persons are highly sought after speakers and sit on the boards of many organizations

At this summit you will learn stuff about building and sustaining healthy relationship, truths about sex, sexiology and sex education and entrepreneural and business ideas that will help you make it in life and become wealthy and wise.

This event promises to be educating, inspiring and entertaining.

#WhenSinglesGather is powered by Embodiment of Grace.

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GLOBFLUENCE – a masterclass for influence



GLOBFLUENCE is a masterclass for influence hosted by Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha, a life-betterment coach, writer, speaker and positive change facilitator.

The vision of this masterclass is to equip, empower and position people to better their best and lead their industry.

Connect with Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
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