Black Widow – Pretty Dangerous by Ifyasia Chiemeziem


Wow! A phenomenal read. This book is very enthralling and eye opening. Beautiful cover design. If you are a guy, the story can make you feel hard downward and for ladies, it has the capacity to get you moist. Read it, there’s wealth of wisdom in it.

I was surprised that this story was written by a Nigerian lady and it made me proud and happy that we are gifted people that will rule the world with the right connections and platform.

Black Widow from the stable of Naughty wife Inc. is an action packed book, no single dull moment. In fact, while reading, I felt like I was watching a movie on HD TV.

The major character Lilian was a poor girl that was mentored by a bad guy and she became well groomed in the shady con business and she was a woman that knows how to use her endowments to trap men and use them to her selfish gains but lo, cook Vera, her fellow woman was the only soul that was able to break her wings. The story is sizzling hot, simply download a free copy via this link http://

Truly, the author Ifyasia Chiemeziem did a powerful work by masterly knitting this story.
This book is a tool exposing scam and conmen, so read this book and get wise tool conproof yourself.

The errors I saw in the book are just spelling errors which can be edited but the greatness of the story and scenes in this book will make you not to see these errors.

I truly commend the sagacity of the author and praise her to write on. I must confess that this book is one of the best fiction works I have read this year.

I must not forget to recommend that this book be adapted into a movie, it’s possible and will be a blockbuster.

Thank you Ifyasia for this beautiful work.


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