The Fortune in Failing: Decoding the Message of Failure by Ogwo David Emenike

Failure is not a person, but only an event. It is an occurrence in life which you can learn from if you know how to maximize it. Failure is the opposite of success and if you understand it very well then your success is sure. Don’t be afraid of failure, rather prepare for it and you will maximize it for your betterment.

This season, we want to introduce you to a timeless book ‘The Fortune in Failing: Decoding the Message of Failure‘ by Ogwo David Emenike. This book is a veritable tool that will help you achieve super success in life.


In this book, Ogwo David Emenike brought to life his sagaciousness by unveiling to us a concept that will change our lives for the better. This work of sagacity will teach you how to see opportunity in adversity and how to turn obstacle to miracle. The Fortune in Failing is a loaded cornucopia that is timeless and ageless. The teachings in this book are what made people like Jack Canfield, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, Robert Kiyosaki and other successful people you know of today. The author wrote this book to save us the cost of going through the school of hard knocks. This book is currently available in eBook format. This is a beautiful work of sagacity, we endorse and recommend it for anyone that wants to move from zero to hero.

It is available at Amazon

Barnesandnobles and other global bookstores.

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