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An Epitaph for late Mandela

At a time of escalating strife
He firmly established unity
In the face of disequilibrium
He weaved an egalitarian society
Before his eyes, this dream became reality
A long walk he took to liberty
The echoes of his steps
Lingers in our memory path
He was laid to rest fulfilled
A pearl for all of humanity.

(MADIBA is the nick name given to the late
Nelson Mandela)


Alowo Paul Olaniyi is a Nigerian, a poet, a creative thinker and
a teacher who has written poems shared on social media. He is always a work in progress in the art of spoken word.
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Interview with Marc Saint Ange

MarcDonlad Saint-Ange is a great soul and creative writer that is touching and righting lives with his writing. In this exclusive interview with him, you will catch inspirations that will get you fired up to live dreams and fulfill your purpose for living. Enjoy this beautiful interview


Hinovelty: How are you Sir?
Marc: I am well and I hope that you are too.

Hinovelty:  Money, fame or what inspires you to write?
Marc: I regret telling you that none of these really inspires me to write. It’s true that they may happen over the coming years and it would be a great pleasure of accommodating them. But what inspires me more to write is my life and the conditions of health of my mother. Why? Because if you read my book Incredible Paths you will understand most of my life. If you asked me what motivates me to write? I would tell you that is to see my deepest feeling, the stories of my experiments and the books on my site are read, shared as gift with all those which are the spirit of living these same experiments.

Hinovelty: What distinguishes you from other writers?
Marc: What differentiates me in my opinion from other authors is everything that I write reflects my personal life. I do not claim to be an egocentric person  but experiments which I made in my life pushed me to write stories that are inspiring and justifying, however, which turned around me or  my environment. I think that all I say touches the heart of others even through my blog posts.

Hinovelty: Tell us about your book(s) and three links through which one can purchase them?
Marc: It is always difficult to ask an author to know where to start to speak about his books. Anyway, my books are written in three ways and I will explain to you two of them and the other way can be discovered by the readers themselves. The Incredible Paths    is a personal testimony which explains the reason of my existence. It is the book which has pushed me to create my web site in order to promote inspiring stories. My stories are inspiring and related to our life in general. It is really a book that should be read by anyone who is trying to leave difficult situations and have success in life.  The Challenges    is another very wonderful book which can help to really challenges. If you read this book, you will be able to understand the reason of your existence and why you must face the challenges which are in front of you. Inside the Gift   is also another great book people can read.

Hinovelty: What led you into writing?
Marc: Initially, I must say that I started to write poetry when I was about 12 years old. I remember the first poem very well which I wrote for my mom, even if she didn’t like it too much. I cultivated in my childhood the taste of writing because I liked to read classical poems, stories and others. I believed that one day, I would become a writer beyond everything that I can become in my life because my maternal father had inspired me by some countryside stories that he used to tell me.

Hinovelty: What part is hardest when you write?
Marc: I don’t really have a hardest part when I write because I always find pleasure when I write my books. In any case, the thirty first minutes always require concentration so that I can write with satisfaction.

Hinovelty: Apart from writing, what other thing(s) are you into?
Marc: After writing and blogging, I work and accompanied at the same time companies in quality management as consultant according to the standards ISO 9001 and other referential.

Hinovelty: How important is social media in the life of a writer?
Marc: I think that the social Media has much importance in the life of an author today, especially a Self-Publisher like me. You will agree with me that you and I met through social network of Twitter. It’s by Twitter and my site that I could stay connected with my readers where they are. I think that all Indie Author today are unanimous on the fact that the social networks play a significant role in our life as a writer.

Hinovelty: How is your relationship with your readers?
Marc: My readers, even if they are not numerous are very interesting. Some of them stay in touch with me by e-mail beyond the social networks. When they read my books, they share with me their ideas which encourage me to write even more. Because when you are in liaison with your readers, that gives you a better idea of what you write and how your ideas help them change an aspect in their own life.

Hinovelty: Tell us about Raemians?
Marc: Raemians is the name of my web site. This is my brand name. This acronym means future, beauty and comfort. I would like the readers to feel the previous feeling through my writing. I would like, by reading my books, they find themselves in the future, that they find beauty and comfort at the same time.

Hinovelty: How do you spend your free time?
Marc: Normally, I used my time to do all I have to do. The activities are so numerous, it is difficult to do everything in some hours without counting against time. I often asking me if I really have free times. In fact, I would say that my free times are always used to do something for which I find pleasure, for example, to play with my daughter or to do something which would please my wife as well. Sometimes, we watch TV together or playing tennis.

Hinovelty: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Marc: I would like to study psychology as a new field. I would like to sell a great quantity of books that will be read by million readers, why not. In fact, I hope your readers help me to spread the word and to choose at least one of my books or read my blogs at: . I want to also create two models undertaking prosperous which are in my action plan. Once reached these things, I will share these experiments with the young people who wish to make the same things. I want my family to be more blessed.

Hinovelty: What are you currently working on?
Marc:  I’ m working on three other books that I’ll send out soon. As you know, we have lack of time. I have several blogs I intend to publish next week. My fans love fortunately my blogs so much. They are very interesting and can hold several readers in breath.

Hinovelty: Are you single, engaged or married?
Marc: I am married and I am also a father.

Hinovelty: Describe your family in 3 words?
Marc: My family is: Love, patience and Faith. At this point, I must acknowledge that I didn’t have patience at the beginning. Now a day, I cultivated it enormously since I live with my wife and child.

Hinovelty: What is success to you?
Marc:  success is to leave a significant trace after you leave this world. It’s not necessary something big.  In my opinion, success is progressive and non temporary.

Hinovelty: What’s your advice to upcoming writers?
Marc: I think that anyone who wantsto become writer must read more. It is good to choose a field in which you want to invest yourselves. To do anything in life, it is initially interesting to have the willing to do it. In fact, the best way to ensure doing something is to ack. How you can know that you are not able to write, if you never try to do it? To start is the first step.

Hinovelty: Any words for your fans?
Marc:  I love my fans so much the same way I love my friends. Some of them bought my books and gave me their ideas. They shared the message with their friends, they are loyal readers. I want to thank them for their support and tell them that they are all in my heart.

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The Fortune in Failing: Decoding the Message of Failure by Ogwo David Emenike

Failure is not a person, but only an event. It is an occurrence in life which you can learn from if you know how to maximize it. Failure is the opposite of success and if you understand it very well then your success is sure. Don’t be afraid of failure, rather prepare for it and you will maximize it for your betterment.

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In this book, Ogwo David Emenike brought to life his sagaciousness by unveiling to us a concept that will change our lives for the better. This work of sagacity will teach you how to see opportunity in adversity and how to turn obstacle to miracle. The Fortune in Failing is a loaded cornucopia that is timeless and ageless. The teachings in this book are what made people like Jack Canfield, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, Robert Kiyosaki and other successful people you know of today. The author wrote this book to save us the cost of going through the school of hard knocks. This book is currently available in eBook format. This is a beautiful work of sagacity, we endorse and recommend it for anyone that wants to move from zero to hero.

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