So You Call Yourself A Writer? by Emeka Nobis


A good book is a treasure chest, it is one of the best ways to get educated and enjoy pleasure in life. So You Call Yourself A Writer? by Emeka Nobis is a great tool you need to upgrade your life, living and legacy.

This book is beautifully written. It is inspiring, motivating and educating. It is written in simple and clear English. This is not the kind of book you are used to. It is a phenomenal read that will quicken you to pick up your pen and write if you are truly a writer.

Emeka Nobis is a wordsmith, public speaker and leader of ProfitImpact. He is married to a lovely doyenne and they are blessed with a beautiful kid. This doyen is on fire to impact lives positively. He is a great soul, humble and friendly and you will be happy to connect with him.

One of the beautiful things about this book is that it is loaded with wisdom. If you are a reader, aspiring author and published author, this book is a must read for you.

Good news: this book is free for download. Here’s the link :
Note: Do not be stingy; tell people to come and download this book and read.

At Hinovelty, we are focused on helping people unleash the incredible greatness in them for global betterment and influence. We need millions of people to benefit from this work. Please help us spread the news.

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